regulating physical and mental energy

“regulating” physical and mental energy

The past 24 hours for me have been a little overwhelming… Kind of like after that first teenage date, when you really think you’ve met the most amazing person… And then you can’t sleep for 3 nights.

I’d like to blame it on WordPress and their awesome Daily Post Challenge, but it’s really all in my mind.

The adrenaline was pumping so powerfully through my body this morning at 2 am that I wondered if I’d be watching the sunrise (and I did, but after a few hours’ sleep), so I tried everything I could think of: vodka, sudoku, meditating (yes, after the vodka… oh, no, wait, that was this morning…) and reading about Dharma. The body finally gave up and surrendered to sleep, but the energy conduit (jittery energy conduit) opened itself up again promptly at 7.

What happened yesterday that hurled a tidal wave through my energy body? Connections. New connections.

I had spent several hours poring over comments, replies, newly-discovered blogs… Subscribing like crazy, connecting with people who were writing about things I care about.

I was fried. My nadis and channels and winds and chakras and all those freakin’ 12-strand DNA ribbons were humming and bobbing, and I kept asking myself: “Why can’t I control this?”

Not to brag, but I can usually settle my mind quickly, and get those vast, profound, empty, little components of my not-inherently-existent being to chill. Not this time. So I checked in with my Best Friend. He knows everything, and always has an answer. What did I get?

“You’re over-stimulated. It will pass. Just enjoy.”

Wha… ? Just enjoy?

I was sure that I was descending into a new resembling hell! Oh, wait, that’s empty, too.

Eventually I managed to pry myself from the laptop and leave the house, get some food, and a little exercise. Break the energetic pathways up a little. And things began to settle down.

But I was still haunted by not having been able to get a handle on what my subtle body was bucking. And now I’m over 300 words into a post, and have I made my point? Not yet.

Fortunately, the point is simple: The only way to “let go”, regulate, control, administer, rectify unplanned events and energies, is just to flow with them. Close those eyes and tune in. Don’t analyze it, or try to get it to shift. Just flow. And keep moving forward. Don’t get hung up on wanting things to be different – with your mind, your body, or your circumstances.


If you’re yearning for a pseudo-technical explanation, hang around for a few more paragraphs.

Most of us recognize our “physical” bodies (I’ll explain the quotation marks in another post). We also possess subtle, or energy, bodies, and on top of that we possess very subtle minds (there are a lot of great Yoga and Buddhist books out there that explain these in detail – just Google). We know our physical body pretty well… We keep a very intimate relationship with it. These other bodies and minds, though… Well, they sound a little “out there”, if this is news to us.

Actually, they are “out there”, and that’s precisely why, when we make connections, we can’t always, as “one person”, control what happens energetically.

The energy body and very subtle mind are what constantly connects and interacts with others. This connectedness holds the key to beautiful things like our intuition, and horrific things like riot mentality. We are all connected, and we feed (or drain) one another. Deal.

When you make new connections, it takes your energy body and very subtle mind a little bit of time to sort it all out. Whether you physically meet someone in a coffee shop, or virtually such as through blogging or a dating service, or even very distantly such as by simply reading about them, a connection forges and sparks fly. Once your non-physical elements find a rhythm and frequency that you all share, things can settle down a little and you hit your groove together. Even if that groove is to agree to disagree.

So, I think my blog buddies and I, and our subtle bits and pieces, had one heck of a house party last night (and this morning). I’d love to compare notes. For me, it started to settle around 4 pm today (UTC-5)… Next on my list is to learn how to create a blogroll, in case you want to join in the party too.


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