awaken – standing in the clear light

BEGIN AGAIN. Suddenly all will be whiter than white, so white it clears all white. And you will begin again. You will know, in that instant, that you are everything you ever imagined and everything "everyone else" ever imagined. For a brief moment you will understand with a fullness and intensity that can hardly be … Continue reading awaken – standing in the clear light

enlightened beings make great friends!

ENLIGHTENED BEINGS MAKE GREAT FRIENDS How I Came To Love Being Teased I grew up very sensitive to teasing, mostly because I often didn’t get the jokes. I never understood how the hobby of embarrassing another person was amusing or useful, other than in a selfish way. It appeared to give some satisfaction to the … Continue reading enlightened beings make great friends!

hope and worry – two sides of a coin

HOPE AND WORRY two sides of a coin Your state of mind is the currency that purchases your future experiences. Worry and Hope are like two sides of a coin. Choose your side based on the kind of outcome you desire and focus upon. Which makes the best investment? Worry is a negative activity that … Continue reading hope and worry – two sides of a coin

regulating physical and mental energy

"regulating" physical and mental energy The past 24 hours for me have been a little overwhelming... Kind of like after that first teenage date, when you really think you've met the most amazing person... And then you can't sleep for 3 nights. I'd like to blame it on WordPress and their awesome Daily Post Challenge, … Continue reading regulating physical and mental energy

post a day 2011 – #001

POST A DAY BEGINS... 001 with a new reading list Went book-shopping today: "Becoming Enlightened" by HHDL; "The Mystical Life of Jesus" by Sylvia Browne; "Insight" by ditto; "Your Kids Are Your Own Fault" by Larry Winget (I have a feeling I should know who he is...); "The New Interpreter's Study Bible"; "Today's NIV Bible"; "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research … Continue reading post a day 2011 – #001

beginning the game

WHEN WE MAKE PROGRESS... 02 beginning the game Continuing our understanding of how we make progress spiritually, we can elaborate on the comparison of life to a video game. Let's look at what happens when we wake up to find ourselves on a new level. Worldly awareness begins with physical sensation. When we're in overwhelming … Continue reading beginning the game


VIDEO GAMES & REBIRTH: CYCLING ALONG Spiritual enlightenment progresses naturally. Life is a fractal. To some, the state of Pure Awareness hovers above us, the elusive holy grail, the penultimate state of enlightenment. The irony that pokes its tongue out at us as we seek is this: the state of Pure Awareness is downright boring. … Continue reading COME HOME