Spiritual enlightenment progresses naturally. Life is a fractal.

To some, the state of Pure Awareness hovers above us, the elusive holy grail, the penultimate state of enlightenment.

The irony that pokes its tongue out at us as we seek is this: the state of Pure Awareness is downright boring.

It’s almost as boring as attaining a state of dullness in meditation.

That’s why Enlightened Beings choose to take rebirth in a physical world. The state of Ultimate Bliss enjoys itself much better with playmates.

So, we choose to take rebirth… We materialize from our state of Pure Awareness into a physical world in order to experience interaction and receive surprise.

It’s tricky. If you’ve ever played a video game in which, early on, you have to choose a path blindly, that analogy suits the process of entering this world.

We choose our world of appearance. We choose “sides” – just for the heck of it. We choose teammates, attributes, and characteristics. We decide whether to play or just do a walk-through. Then we dive in, and let the program run.

That’s our over-arching scenario. But there’s more. We have to complete “the levels” to make progress. Our individual lifetimes bear uncanny resemblances to video game levels. Unlike most video games, with rebirth a linear sequence eludes most of us. We don’t necessarily progress smoothly and steadily from ignorant newbie through master warrior to enlightened, omniscient, omnipotent avatar. We hit bumps in the road. We get caught in loop-backs.

We experience lifetimes in a fractal manner: cycles within cycles within cycles.

We come out of the hut or cave, look around, interact… And eventually we realize we don’t need the hut or cave anymore.

We created the concept of time in an effort to express and understand cycles and experience life. Seconds cycle into minutes, which cycle within hours and so on… to fill a day. Days repeat into a more distinguishable pattern, into weeks, months, seasons, years, seasons of life… Finally a lifetime ends, very powerfully pronouncing another cycle complete.

Lifetimes after lifetimes ripple like waves lapping on the shore of a world. Worlds cycle within a universe, an aeon. Aeons cycle into patterns so vast that we don’t’ even have names for them.

All of life is a fractal.


4 thoughts on “COME HOME

    1. Hi, Friend,
      Thank you so much for the comment! I’d love to know what made you sad about it… When I first received this POV, I was a little taken aback as well… I hope it didn’t seem fatalistic to you, but it would help me to know if that is the perceived tone. When I first got this view that I share in this post, I felt a bit as if the wind had been taken out of my sails. But the more I thought about it, I realized that this sort of realization can actually serve as an invitation to relax and enjoy – exactly what you allude to (I think – am I correct?). Life is in fact so wonderful and beautiful!

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