BOOK TWO: chapter seven: finding love in yourself and otherself and others (part 1)

PART ONE: What Is Love?

 [From Buddhas Heruka, Green Tara and White Tara]

Every living being – even non-humans – has the capacity for love in his or her heart.

Society has created many myths about love and relationships, and most people believe at least one of these myths. In this chapter we’re going to explore several of these myths and see if we can find kernels of truth in them.

There are kernels of truth buried inside these myths, but with most of them, the outer wrappings have become quite distorted and unhealthy. This has led many people to discouragement – the true broken heart – and we hope that these words may help restore some hope and offer some lasting solace to those who have suffered this tragedy.

Hearts often experience so much pain that they either shut down or become hardened, and this brings tragic results. Therefore, We’re saying this right here, at the beginning:

If you want only flawless relationships in your life, this chapter is not for you.

If you’re craving some tough love about why you feel alone and scarred (still) then please find the courage – yes, courage – to read on. This material arose for warriors who dig resolutely into their own hearts to discover the real (and precious) secrets that lie deep inside.

First, we ask that you gather up everything you think you know about Love and Relationships… and throw it out the window.

We’re starting from scratch. If the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater, don’t worry, you can easily bring it back inside.




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