Letting the Buddhas Take Over

New video posted to YouTube:

Letting The Buddhas Take Over… 


Audio transmission of Chapter 5, Book 2, from All About Enlightenment, by Leslee Hare.

Inner Guide card images and content also by Leslee Hare.

This chapter explains how certain emotions may affect our Spiritual Progress, and how we can work with these emotions. We also discuss how, if we allow ourselves to trust and accept guidance, we receive guidance as well as protection, and need never again feel we are alone or abandoned…

(Personal note from Leslee: Please note, this is a very relaxing, soothing, meditative recording… please take care if you are engaged in physical activities while listening to it – when I was editing it, I nearly fell asleep…)

(This is the only version of this Chapter currently available… It has not yet been posted onto the site…)


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