table of contents

Here you’ll find a living list (…which is waaaaay out of date! Please check out the calendar & categories…) of planned topics for this blogsite. We’re continually adding to the site, so some of the items listed below may still be waiting to manifest.

Please see ‘CATEGORIES” on the right-hand sidebar of the home page for a lists of posts sorted according to this table of contents.



02. ABOUT – information about the ‘all about enlightenment’ blogsite, its author leslee hare, her books and other activities

03. BOOKS – excerpts from books by leslee hare, guided by enlightened beings

a. hurtling towards enlightenment – posts from the booklet ‘hurtling towards enlightenment’

b. all about enlightenment – excerpts from the book ‘all about enlightenment’

c. all about relationships – excerpts from the book ‘all about relationships’

d. emotions & actions – excerpts from the book ’emotions & actions’

e. foundation for divination – excerpts from the book ‘foundation for divination’

i. using a pendulum – ways of using a pendulum to connect with spiritual guidance

ii. using the tarot – posts on using the tarot for spiritual progress

iii. using the i ching – posts on using the i ching for spiritual progress

iv. using the ouija – posts on using a ouija board for spiritual progress

v. open waters and safe harbors

04. COMMENTARIES – commentaries on writings by other authors and various topics

a. meditation – commentaries on methods for relaxations and training the mind and

b. buddhism – commentaries on buddhism

c. the bible – commentaries on the bible, especially with respect to Jesus’ teachings and parallels to buddhism

d. the i ching – commentaries on works by others, on the i ching oracle, and on the use of the i ching as a tool for spiritual learning

e. the kybalion – commentaries on the kybalion and hermetic teachings

f. carl jung – commentaries on works by jung, especially related to dreams and mandalas

g. integral philosophy – commentaries on works by others, especially ken wilber, on integral philosophy

h. psychology – commentaries on readings on the science of the mind

i. channeling – commentaries on hypnotism and trance states

j. neurology – commentaries on works by others, on neurology and how the physical body interacts with the mind

k. physics – commentaries on works by others, on physics, especially new findings and theories

05. TOPICS – a collection of essays and book excerpts sorted by topic

a. dreams – posts about dreams and reality

b. enlightenment – posts about the nature of enlightenment

c. guides – posts about spiritual and inner guides

d. if this is buddhism – posts about a spiritual path through buddhism

i. emptiness – posts and excerpts about emptiness

ii. enlightened beings – posts and excerpts about enlightened beings and spiritual guides

iii. rebirth & reincarnation – posts about rebirth and reincarnation

e. spiritual progress – posts about ways to make spiritual progress

i. progress 01 – post 01, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

ii. progress 02 – post 02, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

iii. progress 03 – post 03, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

f. the mind – posts about the nature of the mind

g. the illusory world – commentaries on works by others, on the illusory nature of this world

h. love

i. ufo’s/et’s/unseen beings

l. sex

m. in between lifetimes

06. IMAGERY ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT – drawings, paintings, photographs, digital collages and videos that explore ideas about enlightenment

a. inner guide cards – a series of inspirational cards exploring inner guidance

b.pendulum charts

c. teaching diagrams

d. using the mind cards

07. GIFTS FROM OTHERS – re-posting of blog posts by others

08. LINKS – a list of recommended links to websites

09. BIO – leslee hare’s bio

10. MARKET – links to sites where you may purchase items related to this blogsite (not active yet)

11. POSTADAY 2011 – posts made as part of wordpress’ postaday 201 challenge

12. UNCATEGORIZED – bits found around the kitchen sink…



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