awaken – standing in the clear light

BEGIN AGAIN. Suddenly all will be whiter than white, so white it clears all white. And you will begin again. You will know, in that instant, that you are everything you ever imagined and everything "everyone else" ever imagined. For a brief moment you will understand with a fullness and intensity that can hardly be … Continue reading awaken – standing in the clear light

what is emptiness? a everyday example of a book

WHAT IS EMPTINESS? simple words for confusing times An Everyday Example Of A Book A book offers a more familiar example of Emptiness (than the example of the statue). Let’s suppose that as you’re reading this you’re holding a printed book. The ‘printed book’ (in quotations, in case you’re listening to the book or it’s … Continue reading what is emptiness? a everyday example of a book

enlightened beings make great friends!

ENLIGHTENED BEINGS MAKE GREAT FRIENDS How I Came To Love Being Teased I grew up very sensitive to teasing, mostly because I often didn’t get the jokes. I never understood how the hobby of embarrassing another person was amusing or useful, other than in a selfish way. It appeared to give some satisfaction to the … Continue reading enlightened beings make great friends!

music opens our channels

How notes tune our minds... I’ve blogged about why I love music, Now we’re going to talk about how music affects us on subtle levels. Your channels are your opening to the gateway of Enlightenment. Sure, that sounds great… What are channels? I’ll put it simply: channels are like invisible blood vessels. They carry energy … Continue reading music opens our channels

do i love you or crush you?

Love and Infatuation Love is acceptance. Infatuation is fascination. Love and infatuation resemble fear: They can both paralyze and provoke rash action. This view may surprise many Westerners, we treasure a deep conviction that love is a virtuous emotion. But love is neutral unless we act on it. It’s easy to love someone and do … Continue reading do i love you or crush you?