Letting the Buddhas Take Over

New video posted to YouTube: Letting The Buddhas Take Over...  (http://youtu.be/V1IMAexjNIE) Audio transmission of Chapter 5, Book 2, from All About Enlightenment, by Leslee Hare. Inner Guide card images and content also by Leslee Hare. This chapter explains how certain emotions may affect our Spiritual Progress, and how we can work with these emotions. We … Continue reading Letting the Buddhas Take Over

(illustrated) Enlightened Beings to Know and Love

(This post contains Appendix One from the book All About Enlightenment {please click here if you'd like to access the rest of the book}; some of this material has been posted previously, and this version includes a depiction of each of the Beings mentioned.) APPENDIX ONE: “ENLIGHTENED BEINGS TO KNOW AND LOVE”The pages in this appendix present descriptions … Continue reading (illustrated) Enlightened Beings to Know and Love