protectors in the shadows

A DREAM ABOUT BEING PROTECTED FROM OURSELVES (from Leslee) Years ago I had a dream that I was trapped in a cave - naked and defenseless and very frightened. I cowered in the cave while around me danced many evil demons. I knew they were going to kill me, but only after they taunted and … Continue reading protectors in the shadows

BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping

[From Buddhas Heruka and Vajravarahi] What is grasping? Grasping is not letting go. It’s that simple. It’s holding on tightly to how you think things are, and/or how you want them to be. It can show itself in things as wide-ranging as racial profiling, conspiracy theories, and seasonal depression. It can cause marriages, and it can … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping