hurtling towards enlightenment – 08



Focus on your own intention. It determines everything.
Intention affects interactions with other living beings. Anything possessing life force is a living being. All living beings deserve consideration.

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4 thoughts on “hurtling towards enlightenment – 08

  1. Hi Leslee, I know I am going to enjoy your post a day in this category. I love the the titled and the simple yet profound messages. My own personal Spiritual teacher…simply beautiful.

    1. thank you, Walter! I finally got all of this series (Hurtling Towards Enlightenment) posted last night (this morning, lol!), so I’m pleased with that and delighted you’re enjoying it! I’ll do a round of commentary on these posts, to explain in little detail. Hmmm, wonder when I’ll get to that ? I hope you’re well!

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