Dream with Explanation by Heruka

I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that’s familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it’s a sort of home-coming.

First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I go from room to room, seeing how the place has changed… I close the window blinds for privacy from the nosy neighbors, and check on a little girl & a crawling baby to see how they are getting along… The place is messy, but I’ve been very busy.

I tell them I’m sorry I’ve been away and left my dear friends neglected… and they are like my children, too… I’m a man who has been away working… Their mother is dead, and the babysitter needs help…

The dream shifts…

Now I’m in an older Eastern-European city, approaching a large mansion (this is the same mansion I dreamed about twice within the last week or so). I’m still with the bossy old woman and now a little boy, but now I’m female, and apparently I’m “Leslee” again…

Once again I’m going from room to room, seeing what’s changed… I have so many memories of being small, growing up here… Why did I ever leave?

Oh… I wanted to get away and help others, and also I was bored… I knew I could come back, but I didn’t intend to be away for so long…

(Now, as I’m typing the dream, I can feel Heruka’s presence… And He shows me that the intimidating gray-haired man in earlier dream was ME: before I went into the dream of Leslee’s life… That’s why I needed to hide from him in that dream!)

I wander through old rooms, it’s a long time since I visited… There is an upper-floor room filled with reminders of experiences in other lifetimes: China, Tibet, Meso-America, North America, Egypt…

…Frozen lands, desert lands, forest lands… Lifetimes as animals, people, spirits… Lifetimes filled with power and weakness… Lifetimes spent alone and with large families, isolated and with large communities…

I fondly dust off some of the items (small carved jade Buddhas) and say my temporary good-byes again, as I prepare to leave this place once more…

In this dream, now I am the gray-haired man again, rising briefly from the dream that is Leslee’s life, to pay a visit, and to remind myself and others…

This is why Leslee’s in no hurry to go back to being the gray-haired man. That life in Telos is not what I want either, except in that life I’m wealthy and have comfortable conditions (except for the bossy lady)…

Sometimes we need to learn to set boundaries and hold fast to our aspirations in Telos, too, just like here on (surface) Earth…

In Telos there is beautiful architecture and streets of beautiful stone, lined with trees and old houses, filled with gentle people…

I’m remembering I come from a Telosian family with expectations and responsibilities… Even as leaders in a “perfect” society, we must perform roles that may become boring and tedious…

(The dream fades, and Heruka explains further, once I’m awake:)

Ascending beyond the body is the only way to escape this cycle of frustration and confusion, so we have all, at various times, agreed to try to tolerate that… Until enough of us finally agree to awaken from the dream that is Gaia (Telosian, Agarthan, or otherwise…)

Once we awaken from that dream, we will all be of the Light once more, and can rest and reflect and commune lovingly and openly again…

Once the massive shift comes, each of us will be able to decide whether we wish to begin a new series of dreams in a new world, or whether we wish to return into the light for a “while”…

There is nothing to fear because it is all truly illusory…

Our bodies and this world are a fantastic creation that we have all participated in… We have done a magnificent job of playing out our roles…

Many of us are tired of the dream, but many are still enjoying it and want to see the final outcome of the illusory “battle” between “Good” and “Evil”…

Enough of us have reached the point of exhaustion that we are about to be granted a pause in the dream… During this pause, those who wish to return to the Light will have that opportunity, and those who wish to continue to play, will be provided that option…

The re-set Game will begin once again, with a level playing field and equanimity of roles…

These days are the times in which each of us is making our own decisions about what we wish to “do” next.


Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

I’ve been reading quite a few books, blogs, and websites in the past several months, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Also, a dear friend asked me recently if I could help them learn how to better connect with their spiritual guides.

When we feel confused, we become particularly susceptible to thinking that another person holds the answers for us. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in that state!

It helps me to view teachers as stepping stones, rather than destinations.

I sure haven’t figured it all out, but over the years I’ve become happier, so I figure something’s working. Since I’ve noticed some patterns, I’ll share some observations:

1. Please follow what you feel best suits you, in your heart, as often as you can.

2. Please read this post in my blog All About Enlightenment, about what to look for in a spiritual guide.

3. Please turn your back peacefully and confidently on anything or anyone who seems to enocurage you to feel fear, guilt, regret, or inadequacy.

4. Please try your best to reach an understanding of how none of us actually exist. None of our joys or sorrows or accomplishments or failures or possessions or losses have any power over us, other than the power that we give them.

5. You have nothing to fear.

6. There is no one to criticize.

7. No one can send you to heaven or hell; only we can do that to ourselves.

There exist beings “out there” that we may not be able to see or sense. ‘Out There’ simply means that we don’t recognize them as parts of our Self.

But that’s what they are. We’re all connected in so many ways… Usually on levels that we, in our ‘gross’ bodies, find elusive.

We all bear light, and we all harbor dark sides, too.

This creates balance. This allows us to make choices.

We arrive here swaddled in forgetfulness, and choose whether to exit this moment in confusion, or with wisdom and joy.

No politician, disclosure, stock market, currency, teacher, relative, boss, judge, doctor, offspring, failure, success, meal, muscle, organ, weather, conquest or evasiveness offers true relief or condemnation from our choice to have appeared on this planet, in this moment, with this set of conditions and riddles.

Because we’re born into forgetting, we may find ourselves at the mercy of a few who have figured out a bit more of the game.

Some people get a taste of power and that fall into the trap of thinking that the adrenaline rush is the prize.

Knowledge produces strength. Some might say that ‘knowledge is power’, but power distorts.

Strength multiplies itself when shared with others.

When we meet people who relish their own power as a means of bending others to their will, we can recognize this in many forms.

Some are obvious, and these usually provoke anger. We can deal with that easily enough.

The ones that can lead us ’round the bend into the dark noggy place are the ones who pose as teachers and healers, while withholding the means we can use awakening ourselves.

Or, who pose as teachers and healers just because they seem to have more knowledge than some others. Et cetera.

Fact: as long as you’re in a body, you’ve still got something to learn.

Accept and enjoy.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you with rank or knowledge.

At the same time, maintain humility, because…

Fact: As long as you’re in a body, there will always be another ‘body’ that knows something you don’t.

We designed the Universe that way.

(‘We’ as in all of us.)

We can access all the knowledge we need; we’ve taken the first step when we dare to believe this might be possible.

We’ve taken the second step once we become willing to trust in ‘the unknown’.

With two steps, we find our feet planted on a completely new path.

Don’t worry – you’ll find friends and kindred spirits quickly.

It’s one amazing ride – relax and enjoy!

[This is a re-post from: http://thinktoask.com/2011/12/28/knock-knock-whos-there/]

BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 2)

PART TWO: Biding Your Time

[from Buddhas Heruka, Manjushri, and Naropa]

As you meditate your way to Enlightenment, you’ll attain a state of mental concentration called Samadhi,  ‘Tranquil Abiding’, or simply ‘Abiding’.


Many consider this a level of high attainment; the fact is, you really need to get there before you can go anywhere else.

Abiding is the state at which you first really have some control over your mind. Up until then you may always be able to bring your mind back to your object when it wanders, but it still does wander.

Once you arrive at the point of tranquil abiding, your mind is content to stay on its object without getting distracted.

This then frees your mind to get on with its virtuous object/subject of meditation/focus.

You may be wondering why We’re talking about meditation in a chapter on dreaming and visioning. Tranquil abiding, dreaming and visioning share many characteristics. They all require a mind that focuses singularly on its object of concentration.

In meditating, you choose a virtuous object, say ‘Compassion’. Once you get your mind focused onto compassion, you then do a very special kind of wandering in which you explore all the nooks and crannies and ins and outs of compassion, never straying from the boundaries of that concept until you’re done with that meditation (for the time being).

When you’re dreaming and visioning, your mind also stays within certain boundaries – those of your dream or vision world.

For most people, dreams flicker past rapidly. You slip into your dream world for just a moment, until some mental distraction (usually another dream incident) whisks you away. You’re not even able to ‘keep your place’ within the dream world, much less exert any control over it.

The same holds true for visioning: you might catch a fleeting glimpse of something, but then it’s gone before you can really inspect it and make some use of it. As you develop steadier concentration, you’re better able to follow, and later control, your object, dream or vision. Once you reach this point, these activities become much more productive for you.

Now, when We say “productive” We certainly don’t mean to take a work-horse attitude about these activities which may actually give you a lot of pleasure.

You can use meditation, dreams and visions to reach your goals and make your life more enjoyable.

Having an unpleasant experience while meditating, dreaming or visioning results from your karma. If you know how to dream actively (not passively) then ‘nightmares’ might not disturb you, and you’ll still be eager to get on to your next dream. However, if you treat dreaming as work… Well, you know what’s likely to happen. Similarly for meditating and visioning: you want to set yourself up to reap benefits, not discouragement.

So, how do you reach the point of Tranquil Abiding in meditation, so that it can sharpen all of your mental activity?

With a lot of patience.

How to you keep your patience? By not taking on more than you can handle. How do you know how much you can handle? By trying something new, and watching to see how your mind reacts.

For example, if you sit to meditate for twenty minutes and afterwards find that you feel tired, discouraged or irritable, or you experience any other negative emotion, then try only fifteen minutes the next time.

Please note: feeling tired and falling asleep are not the same thing.

Sometimes when you dream or vision, the mind relaxes more quickly than you can keep up with and follow while remaining conscious. When this happens, it’s not wasted effort; it’s just that you’re not training as actively as when you are conscious.

So keep adjusting your time spent practicing until you find a length of time that suits you, and then modify it as you go along.

Of course you may find this challenging if you happen to be participating in a group class and everyone is on a different personal rhythm. You may end up feeling inadequate or superior, and neither of these attitudes is going to help you.

There’s a trade-off that you have to weigh: on the one hand, group practice certainly generates more powerful energy (positive or negative).

On the other hand, when you’re in a group you’re more likely to be faced with distractions.

Practicing alone reverses the effects of practicing in a group, and both of these options involve compromise.

A third option that you might like to try experimenting with is to practice with a small group of people who are at a similar level of experience as yourself.

If you’re fortunate enough to find or form such a group, you may find the best of both worlds.

In any case, if you do group practice, you still need to make time for your individual practice as well. The powerful energy of group practice can help you get a taste or preview of levels you may advance to, but you need private time to hone your skills and gain understanding of where you are on the spectrum of concentration.

Practicing alone takes more self-discipline and strong motivation, but you have more freedom to choose your schedule and meditation object.

The solo-practice scenario parallels more similarly what you face during dreaming and visioning. So, as We get back to our main subject, We can conclude:

A steady private meditation practice may make your dreaming and visioning skills more effective.