I found the draft of this post from nearly a year ago. I smiled to notice that on the surface, I seem to have made very little progress over the past year.

I’m still puzzling over the same connections and questions, and I’m still not ready to fill in the end. Maybe that’s the whole point…


(from 23 April 2013)

Lately I’ve been grappling with some frustrations over wanting more clarity about several decisions I see hovering in the coming weeks.

I’m dancing around Springtime energies, which for me seem to be as disruptive as fat bamboo bursting through Georgia clay.

As I walked home last night, I tried my best to focus on figuring out what I even wanted clarity about. I’ve spent a couple months sitting down, asking to connect, to be shown something, anything, that might give me some direction.

I confess I’m nostalgic for the days from three springs ago, when the words of All About Enlightenment flowed through the pendulum and pen for hours a day, for six weeks. Those days burst with energy and purpose, but they also brought great trauma and deep disruption in my family life and relationships. I received the connection I longed for, and the assignment I craved, at the price of a semblance of a “normal” life.

In the aftermath, I’m cautious about what I ask for, and how strongly I stamp my feet when things seem a bit quiet for my taste.

Back to my walk home and its results.

I’ve also been sorting through a range of interwoven threads I’ve noticed; these  amount to sensing connections between Buddhism, Native American wisdom, and my friends the ETs.

I’m terrifically encouraged by suggestions I received yesterday evening for dreamwork, and the results.

I’ll share them in the next post, in hopes that you might them helpful.





(from Lhamo Dorje and Heruka Chakrasamvara)

When you develop the desire to find a fool-proof way to become as wise and happy as possible, no matter what, it helps to have some useful instructions.

That’s something you need to receive from an (apparently) external source.

We can help you with that.

What you have to do for yourself is decide how you feel about the words “no matter what”.

The importance of the quality of the instructions pales in comparison to the importance of the quality of your determination.

So We’re going to offer these instructions based on the presumption that you have gained clarity about your resolve.

It’s okay if you’ve not yet gained that clarity; reading these instructions may help polarize your views. We’re simply explaining that we’re offering instructions, not a sales pitch.

Please consider that opinions and advice differ from useful

1. Prepare your mind.

Excellent. We just covered about 50 pages of a classic Buddhist text.

2. Appreciate: to *what* are you opening your mind?

This step accepts that you offer a certainly deep level of trust to “another”, who will guide you safely through uncharted waters to Enlightenment.

This position implies and requires your humility.

Here lies the apparent contradiction.

This world experience offers many types of Teachings. Most of them, as currently presented, first set a stage upon which you, as a human being, are in dire need of “recognizing” your supposed failures and short-comings. This presentation pervades so deeply that most people don’t recognize it as a subtle means of stunting your progress while generating the illusion that this self-deflating view will lead you to success.

Please open your mind to the possibility that you are an Enlightened Being who appears, here and now, to enjoy the game of re-attaining Enlightenment. You might – once again – lose the “Boss Fight”… But you already know that every time you engage in a do-over, you bring your previous practice sessions into the arena.

For now, let’s simply say that you open your mind to the possibility that “another being”, one that’s “out there”, offers you some cheat codes to leveling up.

It’s smarter than slogging through all the levels ignorantly…

And you can always start over.

It does, however, go better if you start out from a launch-pad of kindness to others.

We just covered another 37 pages, and hopefully you still feel like you have a chance at successfully accomplishing your goal.

Let’s breeze through another ten pages.

3. It helps to accept that the answers you seek lie outside of science and your senses.

Try to remember your dreams, and pay attention to them. Meditate. Calm your mind, even if you have to drink a beer first, and even if you fall asleep in the process.

Pay attention to what you “think” you see in your peripheral vision. Remember that what you “see” with your eyes is limited by the function of rods and cones.

Listen to what you cannot possibly be “really” hearing as you fall asleep. Remember that what you “hear” with your ears is limited by hairs and wax and thin, fragile membranes of skin.

Trust your intuition.

The “Folks” who have already done what you’re trying to do… Well, They just don’t really “live” here any more, so They use rather unconventional
methods to get your attention.

Please open your mind to this possibility as well.

Let’s cover another 21 pages.

4. Things are not what they seem. They are both more, and less, than what people typically presume.

Try reading “Why Are There Two Of Us?”, and see if it leads you to look at things differently.

5. Sanskrit words have transformative capability.

Words like “Vajrayana” and “Nirvana” sound intensely appealing, for good reason.

The world first arises from sound. From sound arises Light, and then Awareness, and then Form.

All the world arises from Emptiness, and we have all (“You” have all…) attained “Enlightenment” many times. It’s just really challenging to accomplish with only three dimensions, because you’re limited by your senses, and they deceive regularly.

Trickster density drags you down again and again.

Get over it, and get out of here.

Read Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, and “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”.

You’re not faking it, you’re remembering.

It’s time to remember.