What is an “ET”? What is an “EB”?

What is “Channeling”? What is a “Transmission”?

My thoughts have been dwelling along these lines a lot lately.

I‘ve learned they’re all very closely connected.

I’ve practiced Buddhism since 2001; in the context of my former tradition, when we receive Teachings, we often refer to them as Transmissions. We regard this as a special way of learning and teaching. Some even believe that, if we prepare properly, the Buddhas (Enlightened Beings) teach through us.

In 2010, a few years after I’d decided to spread my wings and leave the cozy nest of the Sangha, I began to “Channel”.

Wait. A Buddhist takes Refuge Vows. No talkin’ to anyone but Enlightened Beings!

In Channeling, how do you check the source of the message?

You have to trust, and everything unfolds.

In Buddhism, we often engage in preparatory prayers and mantra recitation. We actually commit to doing this every day; it’s like taking a vow. This protects us and ensures our connection with our Spiritual Guide (Yidam).

When I started Channeling, it took a couple weeks, but I eventually connected with my Heruka…

Prove it. Better not be breakin’ those vows!

I couldn’t. I just knew. I recognized the energetic fingerprints of His Wisdom and Bliss and unyielding nature.

“We’re going to Channel now,” He said. “And stop doing those prayers. You don’t have time, honey. We’ve got work to do.”

Well, He had a point there. My prayers took about 4 hours a day (Heruka has a very extensive practice, in more ways than one…).

But if I don’t do my prayers, I’m going to Hell…

Oh, right. I’m already going to Hell, because I returned my vows. Ok, good, then. No worries.

So now I Channel instead of praying.

Heruka told me that sitting and doing my pendulum work was my meditation.

All I knew is that some amazing material arose when I sat like that, and “Leslee” sure couldn’t take credit for it.

I began searching for physiological/neurological explanations of what I feel happening when I work with a pendulum and Channel. I suspected that state somehow relates to EMDR, Brainspotting, binaural work, etc. Therapeutic techniques used by people with credentials.

I continued to feel a quiet uneasiness about what I was doing, from a Buddhist point of view.

About a month ago, my therapist announced that she’d learned a wonderful new hypnosis technique from Bill O’Hanlon. She wanted us to try it.

I’d always shied away from hypnotism, because (believe it or not) I tend to be quite skeptical, and I doubt that I trust anyone enough to let them put me in a trance.

But somehow this felt right, so we began.

As I followed the guided meditation, a part of me drifted into a gently altered state, while another part danced a jig in delight!

OMG, this is almost exactly how we teach beginner’s meditation! Holy moley, we hypnotize people to teach them Dharma! I’ve been Channeling while Teaching the Middle Way!

How cool is that!?!?!

So, I’ve got a whole new take on Transmissions & Channeling, ET’s & EB’s.

And that’s what this site and BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask) are all about.

When I use the term “ET”, I’m referring to any being who’s not in a body that I can see with my eyes.

When I talk about “EB”s, I could be talking about an ET, or a person who’s incarnated here on Earth.

In the book All About Enlightenment, an EB is a special type of being who, one way or another, has attained Enlightenment or Awakening.

This happens on a variety of levels, so we often use the terms “Enlightened”, “enlightened”, “Fully Enlightened”, and “Great Enlightenment” with very specific meanings in mind.

I’ve come to understand that many of us receive Channeling and Transmissions from beings from other worlds. Some call them Angels.

Enlightened Beings really don’t care what we call them; it’s all the same.

For the most part, we can’t see ET’s or EB’s. But they’re here, and they know a heck of a lot more than we do with our little wads of grey matter and webs of nerves and synapses.

When we go “inside” and “outside”, we escape the confines of our physical limitations, and can access anyone we please.

EB’s are very special; Their job is to teach us, whether we like it or not. And They do this, whether we believe it or not. So, if we want to access Them, all we need to do is ask to talk to Someone who’s attained Full Enlightenment and gives only Love and Light.

They’re ready and waiting to jump in with us. All They need is our request.

And once you make that request, you automatically get the combo meal: guidance and protection.

So, whether you pray, meditate, channel, trance or just sleep, ask for Their guidance and you’ll notice amazing things going on.



BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 6)

PART SIX: Fantasy And Reality


[From Buddhas Heruka and Naropa]

You can also use your dreams to create your waking life.

This differs from literally turning your fantasy world into your ‘real’ world, because the dreams and wishes of the other actors powerfully affect the ‘real’ world.

You can, however, use your wishes to bend reality somewhat, and influence energies to flow in the direction that you’d like.

How quickly and to what extent this can manifest depends considerably on the wishes of the other people surrounding you (this is one reason why many spiritual traditions emphasize community). But even if you often feel like a stranger in a strange land, your wishes constantly affect your experience.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a job that you really don’t enjoy. Or maybe you just need to find a job. If you focus your mind on an imagined situation that you wish to find yourself in, the energies of your wish flow in the direction of that outcome.

If you can also manage not to think negatively about your ‘existing’ situation, that keeps the way clear for the energy to flow more precisely in the direction of your desires. Your energy goes where your mind goes, so negative thoughts, especially discouragement, tend to divert or short-circuit the fulfillment of your wishes because they dilute the amount of energy that actually goes in the direction you want.

It’s essential to understand that this manifestation process works in a rather unpredictable way.

So it’s best not to focus too much energy on the specifics of what you wish for, or you may miss opportunities arising.

This shows another example of how grasping may sneak in, disguised as part of your spiritual endeavors.

Generate your wish enthusiastically but try not to grasp too tightly at how you think it ought to come true.

The more clearly you can understand what it is you’re really wishing for (the stripped-down version), the more latitude Enlightened Beings have to influence outcomes. Then, the more quickly and easily you’re likely to notice results.

Even the smallest inspiration you get could be coming from Enlightened Beings trying to help you open up and allow your dreams to come true.

You can do this with any wish you have in your life. The state of mental relaxation that allows Us to plant seeds resembles a dream state, and with some people, dreamtime is the best time for Us to plant those seeds. You can take your wishes to sleep with you, and We may use that opportunity to both give you ideas and show you how you may need to fine-tune your wishes.

During your waking time you can process what you remember from your dreams, and also work on focusing your energy towards them.

In this way We can help you to dream yourself to a more fulfilling life.

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