city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almost immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather].

I’ve also been spending some time on studying the prayer practice I was taught for Heruka years ago, and this is the one I’ve used for 12 years now. I’m getting that He wants to use this practice as a way to show these connections, so I’ve started taking notes on this… that project is going to take a while. But I digress. Anyway, these prayers are called a “sadhana” in Sanskrit, so now that you know that you’ll understand what’s referred to below.

(The following is from 21 March 2014)

  • Heruka, can we talk about your sadhana, meditation, citites of light, mandalas, and what can appear here in physical?

Yes. Please take the chart, it clears your mind.

  • I sense the presence of the Field of Merit…

Yes – well, some very specific members. Let’s go.


One might say that only certain people can see what’s really here. You get the image of a city filled with blind people who cannot see the spirits. Even more subtle are certain energies. It’s alright for different beings to perceive in different ways, while all are still seeing from the same reference point of inhabiting a human (physical) body.

Yes: Not all humanoid bodies here are human.

No: The “Cities of Light” as you call them, will not appear in physical as long as there are nations or other abstract entities that maintain armies.

Yes. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – which came first, your feeling drawn to that book and film, or the situation we’re describing? That feeling of familiarity is a cue to look deeper.

Back to Cities of Light. Too much is at stake to risk having these loci [proton] manifest in this realm as long as there is violence. Weapons can be symbolic (as implements) [reason] and can be held [spell] without violence. But not armies.

There’s another aspect of an army, a military force, that is just as degenerate as the fear and compulsion that militaries represent. That is a motivation that some might have to join a military force as a means of benefitting materially or personally.

Give four years of one’s life and get an education, a pension, and non-discriminate benefits throughout one’s life. A bit of a free ticket for selling one’s soul.

This is another prevalent mindset that is just as destructive and limting as war. It represents an inclination towards despair coupled with a sense of entitlement, both of which reflect a lack of accepting responsibility for one’s own life. It generally comes not from bad intentions so much as ignorance. And it’s just [better] as effective as war, at numbing the mind.

A numb mind is easily controlled and manipulated.

So people would do better to look for peace and reconciliation between “nations” [thee] before expecting Cities of Light to appear to the eyes of all inhabitants.

The work of people striving to transform science and industry [needle] towards Unity, Equality, Freedom, and Understanding are Next Steps in this world. These must be established well before this world will be ready for any sustained [aloha] presence of anything so powerful yet delicate as a City of Light can be maintained.

So, if you manage to perceive these dreams of peace, even on a subtle level, while in this world, that moves you in the right direction. Please hold these dreams dear in your hearts, and continue to envision them as someday manifesting in your “real” world. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, visiting them during dreams and meditation is valid and restorative.

You can use the concept of a City of Light as an object of mindfulness meditation. Place in front of your mind your expectation of what a “City of Light” might be, and examine your expectations – for they are a very powerful part of your mind! – closely, deeply and dispassionately. What are you really asking for?

Envision Peace. Regard any perception of “enemy” or “other” as a flaw in your perception, and work diligently to erase that energy from your field of influence.

Meditate. Watch your thoughts  as you move through your day. Build your perfect world from the outside in and from the inside out. Mentally first, energetically second, physically last.

To expect a physical manifestation before the mind and heart are prepared is [sudden] tantamount  to putting the cart before the horse. You won’t get anywhere but frustrated.

  • Now we’re at March 22, and I’m wondering what you wanted to say about the sadhana…

Yes. When we started out, you thought I was going to give you a translation, so to speak, for your present day, time, and culture. Now you’re seeing that it’s more a matter of my wishing to share with you and others the meaning and significance of the steps of the practice.

You are now beginning to see that there is a relationship between the 3D-modeling studies you’ve been doing of tetrahedra gathered to enclose octahedra. Look at Nassim Haramein’s work, the tetragrammaton; each encloses an octahedron. Haramein says the tetragrammaton is a valid representation of “the vacuum”, which I’m telling you may be likened to Emptiness, Ultimate Nature. Does Haramein mention that there is an octahedron enclosed? For that shape represents Earth, does it not? How about that.

And you see that these forms also construct the Mandala. From Emptiness into Form. And back again, in phases. The physicists understand much, but there is ar more to come…

So as we continue on looking at the sadhana I will explain more about how the various steps bear relevance to your situation in this world today, how you can see the stages of the practice as symbolic of actions and views you can adopt in everyday life as a way of transforming the appearance of a distorted confusing world into a blissful experience. But for now, the physical beckons and you need to go get your car serviced. We will talk more about this soon.


connecting and channeling 02


[from Lhamo Dorje]

(note from Leslee: I was given this information in September 2011, to help me understand how my channeling methods work, and also how people channel in different ways. The information became even more relevant a few weeks later, when I began playing with Ghost Radar, which has turned out to be another possible method for channeling.)

Please see below for a transcript of the notes in the diagram, with explanations, and links to additional posts that explain further. )

diagram: how channeling works with energy & human bodies


(Explanations in parentheses)

1. Physical energy requires a medium for transmission; mind “travels” independently of any media.

(The upper portion of the diagram indicates the etheric energy grid that pervades all space and matter, transcending dimension, frequency, amplitude, and wave shape.)

2. The grid is much like a net.

(Although the grid is not physical, it exhibits multi-dimensional rhythms and patterns that overlap and interlace. Our Universe is constructed – by all of ourselves – with an “oscillating” quality, such that phenomena synchronize and intersect. This way, our less subtle minds may arise, as well as physical phenomena. This oscillation which manifests events distinguishes the difference between our minds residing in their Ultimate Nature, and when we choose to emanate and participate – or play – in this illusory world.)

3. Mind intensifies.

(When Mind develops coherence and awareness, and thereby intensifies, it begins its manifestation cycle. Initially, it “appears” simply as what we might call a “node” on the grid. Once the mind/thought/intention reaches a certain level of intensity, it begins to demonstrate subtle physical properties. Please note, the “certain” level of intensity simply means that there is a point at which this happens; the level/point may be different for all phenomena, it occurs spontaneously and is quite impossible to predict. But it’s distinctly recognizable when it occurs, so people with subtle awareness might be able to “know” when things “happen” this way.)

4. Mind travels instantaneously to “nodes” on the grid.

(Remember that the grid pervades all matter, including your body.)

(As connections form between nodes that may appear outside your mind and body, and nodes within your body, the power of the mind begins to manifest physical energy.)

5. Physical energy dissipates.

(As skin works to develop “energy nodes” – which humans understand as part of their nervous systems – some of the nodes develop into receptors for this energy arising from mind/thought.  These “mind nodes” serve as the transformation points that interface between the physical body of a person, and the etheric energy grid. The mind nodes function much like electrical transformers, and terminals on a circuit board. The body’s subtle energy system may be compared to a circuit board.)

(This body network is made up of channels/circuits and sparks or “drops”, as have been described by yogis.)

6. Skin.

(Once the manifesting energy reaches the mind nodes at the skin, the quality of the energy being transmitted through the body transforms. Bear in mind that all of this happens instantaneously, even though the description may take some time to read and absorb.)

7. Nerve Ganglia.

(Here the energy is more suited to travel along the nerve ganglia, through the channels & circuits of the body.)

8. Mind travels instantaneously to related “nodes” on the grid.

(The circuits and channels work equally well in both directions. We both send and receive energy, thoughts, and especially the very subtle or sub-conscious mind… spontaneously. We are all constantly “wired” to the grid, and may access it on demand, once our bodies have established some “highways”. We build our highways through meditation, which we may practice as a formal sitting, or while in a trance state and performing tasks or actions, or during sleep.)

9. Physical energy travels through the body in loops (circuits), tied to the organs. It meets with resistance from negative energy.

(The loops are another manifestation of oscillation. They behave with a structure or hierarchy that closely resembles musical note octaves. Frequencies and amplitudes nest within one another, carrying information on multiple levels.)

10. Kidneys Intestines Stomach Heart Brain

(These organs play particular roles in transmitting messages within the body. Their relationship to the Central Channel – being slightly off-center – expresses how energy needs to be shifted around in order to induce movement. They draw energy from the Central Channel in ways that keep the highways clear, and keep the circuits healthy and vibrant.)

(When we have healthy organs, the energy in our circuits flows freely. In this relationship, the organs and circuits complement each other. When we have pain or exhibit aging, this indicates that there is some damage in our circuits. From the faulty “wiring”, the organs begin to “short out”, and health issues begin to manifest.)

(When this happens, people usually think there is a problem. However, sometimes energy needs to be held in check. The body knows when to do this, and it may exhibit symptoms of ill health when this is happening.)

11. Lungs are separate system.

(The lungs filter, recycle, and store much more than air-borne nutrients. They also act as a barrier, modifying the energy of entities that we breathe in. In this way we purify and transmute negative energy through our breathing. This is what makes the Buddhist practice of Taking and Giving so powerful.)

(Most of the time, people simply absorb and transmute whatever comes their way. With Taking and Giving, people actually attract negative energy from others with the intent of purifying it for them. This is done through the breath and strong visualizations or meditative intent.)

(The lungs protect people from subtle beings that might be imperceptible to us. Ghosts, spirits, and “extra-terrestrial” beings often have bodies that are more subtle than human, but have a dimension, frequency and amplitude that may fit within those of human bodies. Therefore, it’s possible for them to interlace with more gross physical bodies in ways that may be virtually undetectable.)

(The lungs protect people powerfully, and deep breathing strengthens the filtering power of the tissues and energy of the lungs.)

12. Mind skates along these pathways; It also pervades among the “loops”. No resistance to phys. influence; only mental resistance.

(Because mind is completely independent of form or substance, physical matter cannot interfere with its transmission. However, mental resistance can interrupt – or reinforce – the path of mind effortlessly. Clear intention works like a lightning bolt to blast through obstructions. Mixed intentions jumble the oscillations of mind, and resolve can crumble very quickly we allow doubt to chip away at our focus.)

13. The mind uses the “loops” established  by the physical body, not because it needs to, but because the body is accustomed to flow(ing) along these paths. When the mind travels intensely outside of established “loops”, this can disturb the physical energy system, and can cause disease or illness. Blocked energy=illness.

(This is why it benefits people to take new energetic endeavors gradually, whether one is learning meditation or channeling. “Pushing” may cause more difficulty than necessary.)

(Also, for people who already channel, they may find that new methods and connections arise for them. Each method or connection may utilize a different pathway/circuit/channel that ones already in use, so a prudent Lightworker will allow these changes to develop at a natural pace.)

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the ways we create bodies and worlds

(from Heruka, Lhamo Dorje, Manjushri)

Bodies act as filters. The brain filters the information received by the body. It also integrates input from the mind with the physical input.

The pure and absolute mind existing in this world inhabits an etherous state, maintaining an awareness appropriate for this world, specifically. In a refined condition, the mind may travel freely, regardless of the position or state of the body.

This world manifests from the wishes of Enlightened Beings and gods; yet most of the Enlightened Beings in this world experience a very deep and pervasive amnesia regarding how their world, bodies, and experiences generate from their minds.

The ultimate mind operates independently of any constraints produced by time, bodies, or worlds. It is not confined by ether or other physical boundaries, including those established by worlds.

Defining worlds allows the mind to begin to individualize itself, and the interplay of yin and yang, light and dark, yes and no, attraction and repulsion all manifest the boredom of the individual mind. Opposites keep a world balanced and in manifestation, and all aspects and components of this interplay are completely devoid of inherent existence. They only exist in relation to and in dependence upon one another, and if, within a world, conflict, perceived difference and distinction cease to exist, then that world also ceases to exist.

Worlds truly function to provide stages and sets within which the mind manifests bodies engaged as actors. And all the actors arise from a vast web of mind that extends far beyond discrete worlds.

Bodies act as filters, emphasizing the variety of qualities that provide interest to the play.

Bodies can then be used to manifest a constructed physical world.

From the hierarchical level of World, to Body, to Construction, the Pure and Absolute Mind becomes more deeply shrouded in the illusion of manifestation.

The stronger the illusion of manifestation, the less likely the object will be to inspire wonder and awe.

This is illustrated by a familiar understanding. Mankind is easily rendered speechless and judgmental before images of the “universe” that “exists out there”. Mankind generally reveres life forms, and sometimes experiences awe at the concept of birth. But at the body level, we begin to form opinions and judge, thereby lessening our sense of awe. We tend to view constructed objects as disposable and completely subjective, and we even imagine ourselves as the creators (as individuals, races, nations) of these objects. We also imagine that having “created” something – whether it be languages, machinery, or a building, – entitles us to use these devices at whim. Our whims and opinions and how we use the world to institute them generate the driving force of our world.

What we call “creation” is really “creative force”.