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Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka 21 February 2014 (Note from Leslee:This began as a journal entry this morning, as I was venting to my guides about some current frustrations, mostly related my confusion about how and when our Friends might appear here on Earth (Whether that means ETs landing or some…


(from Buddha Heruka) The sub-conscious mind always knows what to do; the conscious mind interferes by introducing the  “problem-solving” mind into the process. The problem-solving mind actually muddies the waters by putting forth options, possible outcomes, various points of view, and expectations. It’s fine for the conscious mind to gather these considerations at the beginning … Continue reading PROBLEM-SOLVING WITH HERUKA


I’m devoting this page to my Best Friend. Heruka’s my muse, my source, my rock, my fount, my inner guide, my protector, my teacher, my jesus, my god, my one, my universe, my higher self, and my source of passion. His world exudes bliss, and when I’m one with him, all appearances ripple like an … Continue reading HERUKA


Everyone on a Spiritual Path wants to know: What (who) makes a good Teacher or Guide? For a post that goes into some detail about this, please click here. Please consider this list of guidelines, if you ever feel like you’d like to verify your own ideas, or those you receive from others. No true … Continue reading MORE ABOUT GUIDES

Wheels and Worlds

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the Earth Wisdom (Native American) Medicine Wheel. I’m digging in to find connections between it and Heruka’s mandala (Chakrasamvara), and this sketch represents my thoughts in progress. I feel countless layers interlacing about that Center Point, worlds beyond the ones we know… The colors of the Medicine Wheel moons, paths, … Continue reading Wheels and Worlds

(from the book) appendix two: some methods you can try

(This post contains Appendix Two from the book All About Enlightenment. Please click here if you’d like to access the rest of the book.) APPENDIX TWO: Some Methods You Can Try The pages in this Appendix present material specific to the practice of Lhamo Dorje. Please feel free to use them if you feel a connection. There are no rules, … Continue reading (from the book) appendix two: some methods you can try


22 March 2014 Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” … I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. … Continue reading MORE ABOUT DISCLOSURE, WISDOM, BEINGS, AND CITIES OF LIGHT