receiving help

(from Lhamo Dorje & Heruka)

1. When beings request help, the nature of the help they receive aligns with their intentions.
a. If your intentions are single-pointed, you’ll receive focused, specific and powerful help on all planes and spheres of influence.
b. If your intentions are confused and scattered, then the help will arise similarly. Inconsistent help often appears to be lack of help.

2. If you wish to receive help on various topics, you need clarity in each of the individual intentions..
a. It may be helpful to make a list or chart as an exercise in working through these wishes and intentions. This may highlight any inconsistencies and contradictions, so you can begin to work through them.
b. For example, if you wish to advance dramatically along your spiritual path and also wish for a companion, please examine the aspects of each of these wishes. In order to make the greatest spiritual progress possible, it helps to be willing to follow your highest guidance regardless of personal conditions or comfort. This may include making choices that conflict with the wishes of others. If you wish for companions, this usually requires compromise, flexibility, and unwavering acceptance. Is it possible to accomplish both of these wishes at the same time? Yes, but it may entail difficulty and periods of loneliness. if you can accept the loneliness and persevere in the wish for spiritual progress, through time and lessons you may accomplish a harmonious blending of progress and relationship. All the while, please keep in mind that often our companions are manifestations of our spiritual guides.

3. Many people understand that help doesn’t always arrive in the form you wished for. When this happens, faith and trust in your guidance make up your greatest defense. Please consider how contradictory it seems, to be asking for help and also presuming to know what kind of help is “best”. If you’re asking for help in order to feel better about yourself and enjoy your situation more, that’s not really part of the spiritual path.

4. Following guidance selectively amounts to rejecting the help people have asked for. Thus dilutes the power if the help sent their way. Their guides still send help to them, as much as they can, but people’s lack of trust and faith are like boulders in the road. Once we feel we need to constantly question our guides, the world appears filled with obstacles and loneliness.

5. When we accept the help we’re given with an open mind, we exponentially increase the amount and power of the help we receive. This acceptance also opens doors and windows for others to receive help, and lightens the world for everyone.


3 thoughts on “01 THE NATURE OF CONTACT

  1. Leslee, I enjoyed reading this post. You know I have very little knowledge of how to communicate with my guides. Can you refer me to some of your writings that can help me to identify my guides, and how to communicate with them?

    I agree that it is difficult to accept help when it may at times seem contrary to what we “want”.

    Thanks again fro such a wonderful post.
    Please stop by my blog and check out my recent series, “The City Series” and my “Silence” series.


    1. Hi, Walter! You’ve been in my thoughts a lit lately, I hope you’re well! I’ll try my best to get back with you on this soon with some more specific information for you… I have drafts of several posts on thus topic; it must be time to finish them :) in the meantime, there is a category on Guides, and that my help you with some general ideas of what to look for.
      Thanks for being so wonderful for staying in touch with me! With love, Leslee

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